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CT Endodontics uses endodontic microscopes

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Specialized microscopes used by CT Endodontics

CT Endodontics, Old Saybrook: Root canal treatment using specialized endodontic microscopes means patients benefit from the most advanced in-house technology available.

Connecticut Endodontics is equipped with two wall-mounted Surgical Operating Microscopes. This allows me better visualization of the work area and the ability to better preserve the natural tooth structure.


Root canal treatment is greatly assisted by wall-mounted microscopes.

The light source for the microscope is one of the most important features of a microscope. Powerful xenon lights provide the best visualization for any treatment situation. Problems such as cracks, root fractures, calcified canals, and intricate canal anomalies are better treated using this important tool.

You can read a bit more about the use of endodontic microscopes for root canal treatment here.

Root canal treatment at CT Endodontics

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