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Digital x-rays: why use them for root canals?

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Digital x-rays at Connecticut Endodontics

Digital x-rays are an important dental diagnostic tool that provide the doctor information not visible to the naked eye.

We use this information to detect hidden abnormalities. Without x-rays, problem areas may go undetected.


Digital imaging allows for quicker and safer images.

Connecticut Endodontics uses digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional x-ray photographic film.

Not only does this new technology speed the turn-around time for processing and evaluating your x-ray images, our digital sensors are more earth friendly (no developer chemicals, no lead, plastic, or film to dispose of) and safer for you (80-90% less radiation levels — the lowest possible) while offering the doctor superior images. Our ultra high resolution of a single tooth ensures surgical accuracy.

You may read more about digital radiology here.

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